Searching for a refreshing summer brew? Look no further than a sour beer. Sours will be your latest must-have. Get your hands on one immediately with Minibar Delivery’s at-home alcohol delivery service. Beer aficionados and beer skeptics alike seem to agree that sours are delicious thirst-quenchers that pack a punch. Although sours may seem like a recent craze, the origins of this drink can be traced back to 4,000 B.C–making it the oldest type of beer in history.

How is a Sour Beer Made? 

Sour beers notoriously require a long aging period and brewers know the drink for being difficult to craft. Brewers make sour sips with wild bacteria and yeast to produce a tart taste. The recipes of more commonly known beer, on the other hand, require more sterile environments with specific yeast strains. By incorporating living bacteria like lactobacillus (colloquially known as “sour milk bacteria”) and pediococcus, brewers formulate the unique, acidic, intense aroma and taste that is characteristic of tart beers. Lactobacillus bacteria transforms sugars into lactic acid while pediococcus, which can metabolize without oxygen, increases acidity.  Brewers commonly add fruit during the aging process to intensify the flavor and even to spur a secondary fermentation.

What are the Different Types of Sour Beers?

The origin of most sour beers can be traced back to Belgium and Germany. As this drink’s popularity grows, however, an increasing number of American-made sours also have been produced.  Today, there are a number of sour beer brands. Different styles of popular sour beer include lambic, Flanders, American wild ale, gose, and Berliner weisse.


Lambics are light and tart Belgian-made wheat beers crafted through spontaneous fermentation.  Often, these brews are combined with cherry and raspberry to intensify the flavor profile and secondarily ferment. 


Flanders are acidic, fruity, and vanilla flavored beers typically fermented in large wooden vats. Also, there are sub-variations within Flanders. A brown Flander tends to have more raisin, plum, and earth notes compared to the fruitier red Flander

American wild ale 

Typically, American wild ales do not have defining rules or characteristics aside from their sour beer label. 


Goses are German sours crafted with coriander and sea salt. This type of sour beer is characterized by salty, herbaceous, and sour notes. Beer connoisseur enjoy goses  for their slightly dry finish. Some brewers prefer to add fruit to balance out the tartness. 

Berliner Weisse 

Did you know that Napoleon’s troops labeled the Berliner weisse “the Champagne of the North”? Hence, you should get your hands on this German wheat beer sometime soon! A low ABV and intense carbonation are typical characteristics of a Berliner weisse. Additionally, experts know Berliner weisses for having a more subtle tartness compared to other sour beers.

What Alcohol Content Can I Expect from Sour Beers?

The brewing environment of a sour beer affects its alcohol content. Typically, sours boast an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 3-5 percent. Sours can, however, possess an ABV of anywhere from 2-9 percent.

What is the Best Type of Food to Pair with a Sour Brew?

The refreshing, light quality of a sour beer allows it to compliment a variety of flavors. Although, its unique tart taste caters best to certain dishes. Perhaps, compliment your next stew or braise with the fruity, wine-like taste of a red Flander. Lambics, on the other hand, may pair best with a sausage or another variation of cured meat. Lastly, try pairing a salty, herbaceous gose with mussels, clams, or even ceviche! 

How Should this Sour Beer be Served? 

The serving temperature for sour beers depends on the variety. For example, beer aficionados will best enjoy Berliner weisses at a temperature of 40-45 degrees, while other varieties, such as a gose, Flander, or lambic, thrive in a slightly warmer temperature of 50-55 degrees. We recommend serving this drink in a tulip glass in order to enjoy its layered taste and aromas. This type of glassware allows the beer to breathe, which is very important when sipping on a sour. Additionally, if serving a sour beer as part of a flight, we recommend the sample to be consumed after heavy, dark beers.

How Can I Get a Sour Beer Delivered to my Home?

Now that you are a sour beer expert, why not impress your friends by serving this novel beer at your next get-together! Sours, with their refreshing, tart taste, will certainly be a summer go-to. Go ahead and try it for yourself. We promise, neither you nor your typically beer-adverse friends will show signs of disappointment. Choose Minibar Delivery, a convenient service to get alcohol delivered to your home in as little as 30-60 minutes.  

These tart brews will be a drink everyone enjoys. This drink is a great option for anyone searching for a new summer sip. It will leave you feeling light on your feet and ready to enjoy your time by the pool. Not to mention, it will undoubtably quench that seemingly insatiable thirst!  Sours will be the most popular beers of the summer. Remember, when life gives you lemons, drink a sour beer. 

Here’s a list of our favorite sour beers that you can have delivered right to your door this summer!

Belgian Sour Power Sampler Pack

Westbrook Gose

Evil Twin Nomader Weisse

Ska Brewing Pink Vapor Stew Sour Ale

Calicraft Barrel Project Zinfandel Sour Ale

Fair State Roselle Sour Beer

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