Wednesday Wine Pick: Conundrum White Blend

This week's Wednesday Wine Pick, Conundrum White blends a variety of white wines from various California vineyards with a hint of mystery. Though you may be able to decipher some obvious Sauvignon Blanc notes, the exact blend of wines in Conundrum is unknown and kept secret by the winemakers. Conundrum set out over 20 years ago on a mission to create the perfect California white by abandoning the idea of single variety winemaking in an effort to broaden their scope of taste and texture through blending. We enjoyed exploring this complex white that manages to incorporate notes of peach and vanilla with spice and found that its pairing limitations are only defined by the imagination of the chef.

"This unique, non-traditional white wine blend was created to offer full-flavored fruit and enough complexity to match the creative dishes being offered by today's generation of chefs. Conundrum can be served with every course from appetizer to dessert and pairs beautifully with spicy foods and full-flavored Asian cuisine. The 'conundrum,' or puzzle, of this wine is in guessing which grapes make up the blend," state the Winemaker's notes. Make you guess today by ordering up this delicious Conundrum White.

Coming soon Conundrum Red!