Aug. 27th: National Just Because Day aka "Treat Yo Self Day"

Its no Minibar we love our holidays and firmly believe in celebrating every day, which is why today is such a great holiday. National Just Because Day gets to the bottom of what we all truly love about holidays, using them as an excuse to celebrate how we want.

This historic day is known to many by another name..Treat Yo Self Day.

Parks and Recreation celebrates 'Treat Yo Self Day' with clothes, fragrances, massages, mimosas, and fine leather goods so we've put together a starter kit for you.


Thugs Life Shirts has some very funny and comfortable tees that you want, but probably don't need. So...

Treat Yo Self!

Fragrances: has a great guide to smelling like your favorite drink without having to spill it all over yourself. Do you need to smell like a Gin & Tonic? Probably not. So...

Treat Yo Self


Time Out profiles Cornelia Spa at the Surrey in the UES. A luxury spa that doesn't skimp on the champagne. Do you need cucumber wheels on your eyes while you sip champagne and listen to spa music? Yes. You do. Just Because.


'Nuff said. Minibar all your mimosa ingredients to be delivered in under an hour. 


Fine Leather Goods:

This beautiful PRATESI leather wine carrier is a bit pricey. But if you love your wine you should treat it well. There are only two times when you'd really need this, one is when you're walking from your estate on Lake Como to your neighbor, George Clooney's place to share a couple glasses and the other is today...just because.

Find a reason to celebrate everyday. Even if that reason is Just Because.