Visit Brazil

This Travel Tuesday we're heading down to Casa Valduga in Brazil's Vale dos Vinhedos region for a look at the largest sparkling wine cellar in South America held for six generations by one of Brazil's oldest winemaking families.

"The winery devotes special attention to the development of sparkling wines and was one of the first Brazilian wineries to develop and master the champenoise winemaking method. Today it has the biggest sparkling wine cellar in Latin America and invests in products with a standard of excellence that is now internationally famous. Our cellar red wines mature in French and American oak barrels and at the end of the period they are moved to the appropriate cellar, acquiring a fine bouquet. The white wines rest in stainless steel tanks for a short period to retain their primary aromas and be consumed while still young. Casa Valduga has also built the first Enotourism Complex in Brazil, which is today one of the biggest attractions in the Vale dos Vinhedos region, in the city of Bento Gonçalves, 120 km from Porto Alegre. Restaurants and welcoming inns have been set up next to the winery with a view over the vineyards in a region surrounded by mountains, 671 meters above sea level, which retains the enchantment of the culture of wine." -The Winery