Everything you need to know about how to buy alcohol online. If you’ve ever found yourself searching ‘where can I buy alcohol online’ or in case you weren’t already aware that you can buy alcohol online, we’re here to make your day. From where you can buy alcohol, to how it works, to what kinds of alcoholic beverages you can buy, here’s everything you need to know.

Can I buy alcohol online?

Yes, although it depends on what state you live in. Alcohol delivery is legal in 44 states currently. If you live in Alabama, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, or Utah, you’re out of luck. In Kentucky, alcohol delivery is technically legal. However, businesses pay large fines as penalties for delivering to dry districts, so most avoid doing so.

Where can I buy alcohol online?

Right here! We’re currently available for on-demand delivery in 56 cities across 15 states. For 3-5 day shipping, we’re available to California, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, and New York. Vineyard select is available in 41 states which offers a wide selection of local wines to be delivered right to your door. If we’re not in your area yet and you’d like for us to be, send us a note at help@minibardelivery.com. We’re proud to say that we’ve been helping local stores deliver wine, spirits, and beer for over five years!

How it works

Buying alcohol online has never been easier. First, you can either go to our website minibardelivery.com, or download our app. Next, enter your address and you’ll see all of the alcoholic beverages and products available to you in your area. Then, you can shop our large selection of alcohol and find your favorites. Finally simply add them to your cart and checkout to receive your alcohol home delivery. We’ll deliver your beverages to your door in under an hour.

What kind of alcohol can you buy online? We offer a huge selection of wine, liquor, and beer. If you can find it at your local liquor store, you can most likely find it on our store as well. We’ve got everything from your favorite vodkas, like Tito’s Handmade Vodka, to that obscure bottle of artisan gin you’ve been dying to try. However, our booze selection does vary depending on what area you live in. So take a look and see what’s available in your area.

Delivery Methods

For home alcohol delivery, you can choose between on-demand delivery within 1-2 hours, or 3-5 day shipping. If you’re planning  for an event in advance, shipping is a great option. Because we know how busy everyone’s calendars can get, we offer the flexibility of scheduling your orders for delivery at a specific time. Furthermore, you can choose to refill your alcohol orders on a flexible, recurring schedule. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a text to remind you the day before placing your next scheduled order.  Plus, you can also cancel your subscription at any time on your account page.

We know you’re all responsible drinkers. Have your valid government I.D. ready to show your delivery driver when your order arrives.

Wondering how you can tip your delivery driver? In areas where tips are accepted, we’ll set the default tip as 10%. You can easily edit or change this during checkout to your desired amount. If you’d prefer giving a cash tip, you can also give it directly to your driver instead. Drivers appreciate your tips and are a vital part of getting your orders delivered to you. Because of this, make sure you share you cheers with them! 

How long does delivery take?

In most cases, deliveries take 30–60 minutes. However, these times vary by store and other variables like time of day, traffic conditions, or how much you’ve ordered. You’ll be able to see the expected delivery times and fees for each store on product pages. 

Are there any fees for alcohol? In most of our delivery markets, there is a $5 delivery fee. These fees are in place to help our store partners offset costs of delivering your order.

What else?

In addition to buying wine, liquor, and beer online, you can also buy mixers like soda and ice, snacks, and more. With this, you can save yourself the hassle of running to the store by getting all of your party essentials delivered at once. If you live in a larger metro, ordering heavier items like ice for a party can be a life saver! A few other fun things that you can order from us are: CBD, caviar, flowers, bar accessories, and a high five. If you’re hosting a larger event, you can also order a Minibar Bartender to handle mixing up drinks for your guests. That means there’s one less thing you’ll have to think about while you enjoy your time with your guests.

Want to congratulate your friend on a promotion or need a last minute gift for your boss? Sending an order as a gift is easy and free of charge. Simply mark your order as a gift order and add in your personalized message. Then, we’ll wrap your bottle and deliver it with a hand-written note.

If you need help with your order, we’ve got you covered. We know mistakes happen . That’s why our customer service team is available around the clock to help you with your order. Simply give them a call at (855) 487-0740, text them at (917) 633-6332, or send them an email at help@minibardelivery.com.

We also launched marketplace this year. With this update, you can shop from all stores in your area. That means you have access to an even bigger selection of products, at the best prices. You can order bottles from multiple stores at the same time, so crossing off your alcohol shopping list has never been easier.

Vineyard select

For the wine lovers out there, we also have a selection of exclusive vineyard bottles available to order with 3-5 day shipping. We pride ourselves on working with only the best vineyard partners. Our wide selection allows you to find the perfect bottle of wine from local vineyards for any occasion. As a result, we’re excited to have this special selection of wine available for you to shop. If you’re interested in finding out more, explore each vineyards page to learn more.

Now that you know everything you need to know about how to buy alcohol online, why not celebrate by ordering your favorite bottle to cheers with? Here are a few fun facts to leave you with..did you know that Wine Wednesdays are real? Two of the most popular times for wine orders are Wednesdays at 7pm and Friday at 8:10pm. Also, wine makes up 50% of all orders from Minibar Delivery. So here’s to you, wine lovers.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our guide on buying alcohol for a party.