Beaujolais (bow-joe-lay) is a mountainous area in the Burgundy region of France. The wines are made from 100% Gamay grapes and are typically fruity and light.

Beaujolais is the best-selling Burgundy wine in the United States but one of the most difficult wines to speak intelligently about.

These are the different quality levels of Beaujolais you need to know to sound like a master somm.


The most basic, and least expensive, Beaujolais. This wine is best served slightly chilled, and perfect for the transition from winter to spring.


The middle-quality level of Beaujolais wines come from about 35 villages in the region. Most wines are a blend from these villages and feature a slightly fuller body.


The highest quality Beaujolais, Cru is named after the village that produces this wine. There are a total of ten villages where you can find Cru. It’s best to drink Beaujolais wines young but some Crus can last up to ten years.