As we transition to cooler weather, the red wines from the Rioja region of Northern Spain will pair perfectly with heartier foods and heavier layers. Finding your perfect bottle is easy with Rioja’s straightforward oak-aging classifications.


Rioja (or Vin Joven):

This is the youngest classification of wine having low or no oak involved in aging. The Joven is bursting with fruitiness and red berry flavor but lacks the complex layers of the older Riojas. Tip: Serve chilled.


Aged for at least a year in oak casks, Crianza has a fruitful flavor with vanilla and spice undertones.


Reserva are aged for a base of 3 years, and are richer and silkier, with tobacco, soil and spice flavors.

Gran Reserva:

These wines have of matured at least 5 years before they reach the consumer. They have the boldest flavors, with the fruity base blending together with spice and vanilla tones, as well as leather, preserved meats and nuts.