Pink is the color of the summer! And yes, that includes wine. There is nothing quite like a tall glass of rosé wine after a hard summer day’s work. Enjoy a glass of your favorite refreshing rosé today with Minibar Delivery!

We offer an amazing selection of pink wine delivered straight to your door in as little as 30-60 minutes. Additionally, you can have exclusive access to wine directly from vineyards to your door with Minibar Delivery’s Vineyard Select program. In this article, we will outline everything you need to know to make you a rosé expert. So, sit back, relax, uncork a bottle of pink and read away. 

What is the history of rosé? 

Rosé wine was one of the first recorded wine varieties. The first rosés were watered-down blends of red and white grapes. In ancient Greece, it was considered civilized to dilute wine. Although this ancient pink wine may have looked similar to the rosés of today, it would have tasted quite differently. Therefore, the first rosé, as we recognize it today, originated in the 6th century BC in modern day southern France. Here they produced pink wines that were field blends of red and white grapes. Today, southern France is credited with the invention of rosé. 

What is rosé Wine?

Rosé is a pink wine known for its red fruit, flower, citrus, and melon flavors. Wine connoisseurs know the wine for being brighter and more refreshing than red wine. Although pink wine can range in sweetness, it is typically quite dry in taste. The color of a rosé evidences the body of the wine and is not a reflection of its taste. Therefore, darker pink wines boast a fuller body than lighter rosés. 

How is pink wine made? 

There are multiple methods used for creating rosé wine. Some winemakers craft rosé by allowing the skins of red grapes to soak in wine for a short amount of time. While red wines ferment with red grape skins for weeks, rosés are stained by the grape skins for only a few hours. Other groups of viticulturists choose to press red grapes right after harvest to yield the delicate pink color of rosé wine. Some winemakers, however, make pink wine by simply blending white and red wine. Varieties made by this method are typically less expensive and lower quality than other pink wines. 

What food pairs best with pink wine? 

Wine connoisseurs know rosé for being quite versatile. Due to their bright acidity and lack of tannins, these wines pair nicely with a variety of dishes. Therefore, in order to pair a pink wine with the proper dish, one should consider the wine’s sweetness level. If your rosé is on the drier side, choose a lighter dish such as fish, chicken, or salad. If your rosé is sweet, on the other hand, your meal pairing options are wider. While dry pink wine struggles to compliment heavier fares, sweet rosés balance spicy and smoky flavors and calms the saltiness of salt rich food. Accordingly, enjoy your sweet rosés with some delicious summer barbecue. Although pink wines draw out the delectable flavors in savory dishes, sweet food pairings should be avoided. Instead of complimenting pink wine’s delicate flavors, sweet dishes tend to draw out the alcohol quality and taste of the rosé.

How should rosé be served? 

One will best enjoy a glass of rosé in a medium-sized white wine glass. A white wine glass channels the delicate aromas and flavors of a rosé. The wine should be chilled to around 50 degrees Fahrenheit before serving. As a general rule, drier rosés thrive at cooler temperatures, while sweeter wines can be slightly warmer. 

Why is pink wine so popular? 

Although rosés are currently flying off the shelves and have been the go-to summer drink for the past few years, their popularity was not always so wide spread. In fact, for a long time, wine connoisseurs deemed the wine super sweet, low quality, and cheap. Over the past five or so years, the wine’s popularity has surged. Many believe that this is due in part of millennial interest in the pink wine variety coupled with better-quality production and improved rosé education. Bottles of rosé are featured at an unprecedented level on social media–making it the most “instagrammable” drink of the moment. Additionally, sayings like “Rosé All Day” printed on totes and sweatshirts alike continue to increase awareness for this wine variety. 

Minibar Delivery’s rosé recommendations

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the best pink wine for summer. We, at Minibar Delivery, want to make your decision making process a little easier. Below are our go-to pink wines of the season. 

The Best Rosé Wines for Summer

Whispering Angel Rosé:

The rewarding taste profile is full and lush while being bone dry with a smooth finish. Highly approachable and enjoyable with a broad range of cuisine, Whispering Angel is a premium rosé that you can drink from mid-day to midnight.

Miraval Rosé

Beautiful light pale pink color. On the nose, fantastic bouquet with delicate aromas of white fruits, just-picked strawber-ries and floral notes. The mouth is complex with raspbery and wild strawberry notes, wild herbs, citrus, wet-stones flavors. It has a refreshing acidity – thanks to the altitude of the vineyards – and a round, long and vibrant finish. This delicious rosé is perfect all year round but and highly coveted during rosé season.

90+ Cellar Lot 33 Rosé:

While this vintage of rosé has more body than previous years, it has freshness, acid and texture to balance it out. On the nose, you’ll get aromas of ripe strawberries and cherries, accompanied by notes of fresh, wild herbs, white pepper and melon. Dry and bright on the palate, the wine has juicy fruit and an easy-going demeanor. The perfect summer sipper!

VRAC Rosé:

VRAC follows a centuries old European tradition where villagers buy their wine in bulk ‘en VRAC’ from the local winery. It comes directly from the winemaker’s barrels, insuring that they are drinking their favorite wine at the most affordable price. Now you can enjoy the VRAC experience for yourself. Taste: black currant, blackberry, dust, leather, currant, blueberry, and strawberry

Make sure to shop Minibar Delivery’s huge selection of rosé today! With a few quick steps, you will be on your way to sipping on your favorite pink wines in as little as 30-60 minutes!

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