We’ve created a Minibartender’s Guide to Glassware because what you drink out of is just as important as what you’re drinking.

American Pint: Like America, this glass is classic. Fill with Bud Light or Budweiser and toast to the land of the free.

English Pint: Similar to the American, but this English version has a slight bulge at the top called the nonik and holds up to 20 ounces of British brown ale.

Tulip: This glass captures and enhances hop aromas, while it induces and supports the large foam top.

Weizen: This classy glass showcases German beer’s color and contains the fluffy foam associated with the style.

Port Glass: The small shape concentrates the aromas and allows you to enjoy sweet and complex flavors.

Champagne Flute: The flute is designed to keep your champagne bubbly by minimizing its exposure to air.

White Wine: Tall and thin, white wine glasses keep wine cool under pressure.

Red Wine: Wide mouth and larger surface area to breath, red wine glasses allow you to experience aromas as they emerge.

Lowball: Great for cocktails on the rocks or a neat bourbon, this glass is old fashioned.

Highball: Used for fizzy cocktails on the rocks, the flute-like shape keeps your drink bubbly.

Coupe: The long stem keeps your hand from affecting the temperature of your Pomegranate Negroni and the curved bowl makes the first sip easier than a Martini glass.

Martini: The cone shape keeps ingredients from separating, plus everyone looks amazing holding a Martini glass.

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