There’s nothing better than a wine and cheese party for those cooler summer nights. Whether you’re heading to a picnic or hosting a crowd, we’ve got some of our favorite summer wine and cheese pairings to help you build the perfect cheese plate.

For our summer wine and cheese pairings, we prefer to opt for fresh, flavorful  cheeses that aren’t too funky or overpowering.  You can still enjoy full flavored cheese that complement summer’s fruity, refreshing flavors.


summer wine and cheese pairings

Sauvignon Blanc + Gruyere:

The crisp, high-acidity of Sauvignon Blanc makes it the perfect food-pairing wine. Rich, nutty flavors of gruyere pair well with Sauvignon Blanc’s bright and zesty flavor profile.

Champagne + Brie:

The bubbly acidity of champagne makes it the perfect palate cleanser. Champagne pairs well with rich, creamy cheeses – its fresh acidity helps cut through the fat, which at the same time, brings out the crisp, layered flavors of the champagne.

Rosé + Camembert:

Rosé’s bright and vibrant nature pairs well with a variety of cheeses – althuogh we’d suggest staying away from pairing with anything too funky to avoid overpowering the wine. Camembert is a naturally buttery cow’s milk cheese with lots of nutty, earthy flavors that are really brought out by mineral-driven rosés.

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